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Long before I became an actor, I started my creative journey as an artist. As far back as elementary school I would get paid to draw the names of my classmates in graffiti, or draw portraits of them and their parents. I even won a NJ state art award for weaving a textile basket (big sis still keeps her nail polish in that thing). Art was always an outlet for me but after graduating from Hampton University I soon stopped drawing. I think the "real world" jolted the joy I found in creating out of me. Thankfully acting saved me, and gave me a lifeline back to my creative self with an amazing new art form. Over a decade later, after dabbling with visual art here and there, I set out to revamp a popular 2010 t-shirt design I did with an Obama quote. Then I saw a photo of a young Booker T. Washington and I was compelled to do something greater with that image. Out of that moment of inspiration these prints were born, and I have decided to honor my gifts of creativity in all their forms. I will continue to share some of the results of my artistic endeavors here. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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